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The capital of the Dutch side is located on the south side of the island and is the port of call of all the major cruise lines. A dynamic little town with all kind of Duty Free shops, with international names to more local brands. Most of the village's shops and restaurants are on Front Street, narrow and cobblestoned, closest to Great Bay. It's generally congested when cruise ships are in port. Little lanes called steegjes connect Front Street with Back Street, which has fewer shops and considerably less congestion.

Wathey Square, is in the heart of the village. Directly across from the square are the the historic courthouse, the former town hall, in the striking white building with the cupola.The structure was built in 1793 and has served as the commander's home, a fire station, a jail, and a post office. The streets surrounding the square are lined with hotels, duty-free shops, fine restaurants, and cafés. Along the new promenade in red brick, International boutiques and little local businesses show off their duty free items. Casinos and Bars entertain night and day .The new beach and harbor offer many opportunities for a great day activities and a continue show with the great cruise liners berthing on the new dock right in town.